Bitumen is a type of roof covering that has been popular on flat roofs for decades. This material has been used to stick flat roofs for 70 years. 99% of the flat roofs in the Netherlands are provided with a bitumen roof covering. That means this product is one of the highest safest and  most reliable quality on the market.

Bitumen is made of petroleum in and polyester or glass fiber. In Unlike traditional roofing, this roof covering is nowadays a suit more elastic due to the addition of plastic fibers. Bitumen is therefore mainly applied to flat roofs, although they can also occur on slightly sloping roofs. The material is supplied in the form of strips, although bitumen slates also exist. These are perfect for roofs with one (strong) slope.


Bituminous roofing material is:

  • Strong material
  • Adhesive strength is enormous
  • Very elastic
  • Waterproof
  • Easy to restore



Length: 10.00 m

Width: 1.00 m

Thickness: 4.00 mm

Heat resistance: 120 °C 

Material: Polyethylene film


Wij vervaardigen en exporteren verschillende soorten marmer: Pizzara, Jacarta, Dacar etc. Wij distribueren dit 100% natuurlijke product vanuit Turkije naar verschillende centra in Europa. 

Land van herkomst: Turkije

Bezorgtijd: 7 – 14 dagen

Bezorging: vrachtwagen (in Europa)




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